So I wanted to share with you all some amazing gurus on youtube that I love watching their videos and love their tutorials. I hope you all will check out all these channels and let them know KimiToxxxic sent you their way!!

Syuri Syndrome

I love Syuri’s videos. She does amazing KPOP tutorials and all her looks are just flawless. She is so nice and so sweet and you will fall in love with her bubbly personality. Her KPOP tutorials are always on point and are some of the best on youtube.

You can check out more looks that she has done on her youtube at:

The Prince Of Vanity:

I just adore Mark. Not only does he do KPOP inspired looks but he does some of the most amazing and intricate looks on Youtube. They are very different than the other looks out on youtube and that is what makes him stand out above the rest. He has some of the best videos and is such a sweetie.

His Youtube:


WOW! Fantastic Nails Baby! Sweetandtasty on YouTube has been making some pretty amazing nail art video for KPOP inspired nails. This time she recreated Big Bang. You can see each member sported on her nails! Her amazing art is worth a spotlight and an award of some sort. Her nail art is so precise and colorful. You all need to check out her amazing nail tutorials and videos below! Not only has she done nail art inspired by Big Bang, she has also done nail art inspired by KARA, 2NE1, Gangnam Style and so much more. She will also teach you some Korean saying and words along with the tutorials. Check out all her videos! She is amazing.

Her Channel link:

Junnie The Pooh

I really love his bright and easygoing personality. His makeup tutorials are always on point and flawless every time. I especially LOVE his BigBang/G-Dragon tutorials!!

His Youtube:

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