KPOP Makeup’s Evolution Into The 21st Century

KPOP makeup has evolved so much in the past 22 years. Not only has makeup become one of the major factors of becoming a KPOP star but it has also become a major necessity.

Makeup from the 1990‘s was simple and natural. Most girl groups are seen with glowing faces and not a hint of eyeliner. Perfecting skin was a major factor and adding just a dab of lip gloss was featured on pretty much all girl groups. Most of the focus relayed on the outfits and wild hair they would sport during performances, photo shoots and music videos. Now the main focus is mostly on the smokey or wild makeup.

The makeup of the 21st Century for KPOP has become full of Smokey eyes, Glitter and bold lips. Solo artists and girl groups can be seen sporting the sexy smokey eyes with bold red or orange lips, a lot different than from the 90‘s. Makeup in the KPOP industry has become a signature item for each member. Not only do the KPOP idols have the winged cat eyeliner but they also either have nude lips or a bright lip to match. Makeup is all about effect and making the sex appeal more extravagant.

For Example, popular girl groups S.E.S., Baby Vox and Fin.K.L, didn’t have any visible eye makeup. They do however, have a fresh-faced look with flawless glowing skin, which is what most makeup artists focused on back in the 90‘s to give the artists that baby face appeal. Now in the 21st Century makeup artists go all out with smokey wild eye makeup.

Groups such as Brown Eyed Girls, KARA & 2NE1 will rock the smokey eyes, bold lips and even face & body art such as henna tattoos and face painting. Even Solo Artists such as BOA and Brown Eyed Girls, Miryo can also be seen wearing wild eye makeup with artistic eyeliner and designs on the side of their face and bold lips.

Some girl groups have even gone as far as using glitter for lipstick like Orange Caramel. They transformed their fresh-faced looks to more editorial makeup on their comeback with their hit song “ Lipstick”. They can be seen rocking smokey eye makeup, crystals and glitter used on the lips.

Even makeup for the male idols has changed a lot. Before in the 90‘s, men didn’t wear noticeable makeup, except maybe some foundation and concealer. Now it has been more acceptable for men to rock the smokey eye makeup and liner like the female idols. Now pretty much all male idols can be seen wearing some sort of eyeliner and contour. Makeup is no longer for the women of KPOP, now the men can get in on the colorful action.

Idol group from 1996, H.O.T. also focused mainly on flawless, fresh-faced skin. The stylist mostly kept the focus on the baggy clothing and wild hair styles. Even idol group Shinhwa had no signs of eye makeup but always seem to have that baby face appeal. Now it is much different.

Male idol groups such as Block B, U-Kiss and Big Bang have ventured into the world of makeup for wild and vibrant makeup that adds a different element to photoshoots and music videos. Idol group, Big Bang recently made a wild impact in several of their music videos such as “Fantastic Baby” & “Monster” wearing wild makeup, especially G-Dragon, and brightly colored hair.

Not only have Big Bang ventured into the wild and crazy makeup that females once dominated, but also hip hop group Block B wore sexy smokey eyes and crystals for their music video “Freeze”. Both groups bad boy images made the makeup look anything but feminine. In fact, the makeup took the video to a whole new level and upped the level of contrast, setting them apart from other idol groups.

However some make idol groups don’t venture out as wild as Big Bang and Block B, however makeup is still being used to create sexy smokey eyes. Idol group U-Kiss can almost always be seen wearing subtle smokey eye makeup and liner. The makeup widens the eye and adds an extra element of sex appeal to the guys as they perform. However one thing in all of the groups is relevant, flawless skin.

They can always be seen having flawless skin with a healthy glow. That can easily be obtained with the right foundation, concealer and setting powder to give the guys that untouchable look and almost makes them look like they are unaffected by any skin problems. Oh how a little bit of concealer here and there and the right setting powder can make a world of difference.

Not only do men wear makeup for makeup videos, photo shoots and music videos but they also indulge into extravagant outfits like the women of KPOP. One of the most noted males was Jo Kwon of 2AM who wore 7 inch high heels during his performance which was the first step of the fashion and makeup of men and women coming together and the line between the two fades.

We wonder what else will happen within the next 20 years or so with KPOP makeup and fashion. Will the distinct line between the two fade even more? Will men be wearing women’s clothing and vise versa? We will have to wait and see. The use of makeup for the past 20 years of KPOP has become more and more ‘normal’ for anyone who looks at the KPOP industry now will see nothing but eyeliner on both men and women. We will look back in another 20 years and see just how different makeup is from today in the year 2024.

-Written By: KimiToxxxic


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