Makeup Spotlight #4: Bitterstarlite Makeup


Bitterstarlite Makeup aka Clarissa is a super talented beauty blogger on the scene who has created some of the most gorgeous and unique looks that I have seen. She used a wide range of colors, patterns and shapes in her looks and even uses some special effects in several of her looks.

With over 4,000 followers on Facebook and a large following on her blog, she is constant with posting gorgeous and colorful looks several times a week. Her looks are not only stunning but are also inspiring to me as well as to many beauty gurus and bloggers.

You can check out her Facebook page:

And follow her on her blog:

Check out some of my favorite looks from her and as you can see she does some of the most colorful and unique looks out there. Make sure to check her out and let her know that KimiToxxxic sent you.

Thanks for checking out my 4th makeup spotlight! If you want to be featured, feel free to message me with your links to your blog or youtube at


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