Eye Kandii Cosmetics Eyeliners: Pop Collection

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This photo has not been edited in any way, except for adding font.

I am so in love with these Eye Kandii Eyeliners. The colors are bright and add that special pop to anyone’s look. They are long lasting and at a very reasonable price! Eye Kandii Cosmetics has a wide range of gorgeous gel liners from the original black liner to the boldest brightest colors you can think of!

Each eyeliner is only $3.00 and for 2ML of product and a little bit definitely goes a long way! The product goes on smooth and pigmented! They come in small vials filled to the brim with gorgeous colorful product!

You will not be disappointed with their cosmetics. They are top of the line, super pigmented and drop dead gorgeous. They also carry bath products, soaps, fragrances, accessories, makeup brushes, blush, eyeshadow, lip gloss, lip stick, eyeliner, eyeliner pencils, mascara, foundation, eyeshadow primer, foundation primer, nail polish, water based nail polish, glitter, earrings, jewelry.

I will be creating lots of looks with these liners so stay tuned for bright and colorful looks with gorgeous bright liner!!

The colors they have include:
Dragon Fly Wing: Brown with a Green Duo-Chrome
Lemon Pop: Bright Yellow (Pictured)
Raspberry Pop (Pictured)
Electric Orange: Bright Orange
Purple Magma: Red toned Magenta
Baby Pink: light shimmery pink
Grape Pop (pictured): bright purple
Electric Peacock (pictured): Teal blue
Baby Aqua: Mint Green
Jaded Lazuline: blackened gold
Strawberry pop (pictured) medium toned pink
Metallic Baby Blue: light blue
Amaze Green: Medium toned olive Green
Fuchsia Rose: purple toned Fuchsia
Bullion Bar: bright orange based gold
Inferno Orange: darkened orange
Nudist Colony: light champagne
Peacock Blue: Bright blue
Stark White: Bright White
Electric Apple (pictured): Bold Green
Swiss Chocolate: Milk Chocolate
Jet Black: Black
Tangerine Extreme (Pictured) A medium toned orange
Strawberry Souffle: Metallic Red
Quick Silver: Dark Grey/Silver

You can check out and purchase these gorgeous liners from Eye Kandii Cosmetics below:

And their Facebook:


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