Uniqso: Bright and Fun Contact lenses


Uniqso has some of the best lenses online that you will ever see. The prices are super affordable and navigating through the site is a breeze. I will be getting some lenses from them shortly and I am super excited about them! They are the Big Eyes Lenses I.Fairy in Casper Green & Barbie Luna Pink


The lenses are a gorgeous green, gold and purple mix that add lots of gorgeous tones to your eyes. They carry large Circle lenses which are a lot easier to put in then regular lenses and are a lot more comfortable. They sell the contact lenses per peice instead of per pair

You should check out this site for amazing and affordable contact lenses!

I am very excited to get the lenses and will be posting pics and a review once I receive them!

Their Website: http://uniqso.com/

Luna Pink Lenses:

Casper Green Lenses:



One comment

  1. Coloured Contacts · July 30, 2013

    These bright colored contact lenses give your eyes what is said to be the rarest and most unique of all shades.

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