Love Shoppingholics Circle Lenses Review


So I recently received my review package from They carry some amazing Circle Contact lenses, Makeup and great items for cosplay lovers. I got the Kimchi Kiss Violet Contact Lenses which are $21.90 which is a wonderful price for contacts especially circle lenses, which you can purchase here:


The package came in about 2 weeks which is really good shipping from Korea. They came in such adorable packaging. The whole order was covered in bubble wrap and tucked neatly in a cute little bag with the contacts in a gorgeous box. They also throw in a free contact lens case. Mine was the shape of blowfish ^.^

I wanted to show how much these contacts make a difference in on your eyes and since my eyes are very light I used them on a model. My model had dark brown almost black eyes and as you can see by the pictures, the contacts enhance her dark eyes a lot.



When you add makeup the look can be intensified a lot by the contacts. So I did a purple and coral look on her, which brought out the purple contacts beautifully.


When asked about the contacts, my model said that the contacts were very easy to put in, and the most comfortable contact lenses she had ever worn. Out of all her contacts, the violet ones were the ones that stood out the most to her and she would definitely be purchasing more lenses from them.


I personally have bought lenses from this shop myself, a similar pair of purple lenses a while back and I have to agree with my model. They are some of the most comfortable lenses I have ever tried. Non-irritating and are super easy to put in, even when you are squeamish. I had actually forgotten about the lenses being in my eyes and wore them all day with no bother.

These lenses are some of the best ones I have ever had the chance to wear. I would recommend these FIRST to anyone who is just starting out wearing contacts OR if you have been wearing lenses for a while

I give the contacts; 10 out of 10 and will be a repeat customer for sure.

Even if you are not a big fan of contacts you should still check out the page for Asian BB Creams, makeup, Skin & Body Care, Fashion Accessories, Hair Products and much more! They even have great items for cosplay enthusiasts.

You can check out the products below at:

Facebook fanpage:

Dislaimer: Thank you to Loveshopaholics for allowing me to do this review and sending the products. Also thank you to my lovely model miss Alesia AKA DailyPSA on youtube for being my test subject for this review 😉



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  1. Coloured Contacts · August 3, 2013

    The first thing I loved in these contact lenses is it’s color i.e. purple. Purple color has a great source of attraction in it. The other thing which I loved about them is the design they have given in those contacts, totally amazing!

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