Bullying Among Bands *Non Beauty Related*


So as most of you know, I am totally against bullying of any kind and it just seems as times pass it gets more out of control. Now even bands are going as far as bullying fans and other bands. I have been reading lots of articles about this band who I liked a lot who I will call “XYZ” since I am not going to be putting any names into this.

So XYZ has had some rumors about some pretty messed up things in the past but nothing that would stand up in a court of law. I had liked the band for several years, ever since they came out in their Myspace days and thought they were amazing and all that jazz.

So with time that passes, I hear more and more rumors about XYZ about sleeping with underage girls, treating fans like shit, that sorta thing. I sort of stopped listening to them for a while and rediscovered them about a few months later and began listening to their music and found strength in it because they had all this negativity surrounding them but they were still doing what they loved. I thought it was amazing. I had attended one of their shows and they couldn’t have been nicer and I had a great time. I did notice however a lot of young girls waiting for them by the doors of the dressing rooms which at the time I just blew off.

Months go by and I am still listening to them but then something I read really shakes me to my core. I was checking out a blog from another favorite band of mine who will be called “MNO” and saw that one of the crew members had written this long blog post of the horrible things that XYZ did to the female singer in MNO.

I was not only shocked and appalled but I felt incredibly stupid for even liking this band in the first place. I hate bullying more that anything and when it gets to the point to where its sexual harassment, THAT IS IT. I was like you know what fuck this. I deleted all their music from my libraries, threw away all my memorabilia and burned my shirts. I WILL NOT support any band who does some of the messed up stuff that XYZ did to NMO. It was uncalled for and fucked up beyond any means.

Now all those articles and rumors I had read in the past came together like the pieces of a very large puzzle and they were not the nice genuine people who I thought they were. They are sex craved assholes who will take any chance to have sex with any woman no matter her age or treat a woman like she is complete and total shit.

I will no longer support that band or any band who even has the suspicion of treating fans, band members or other bands that way. It just goes to show you that you really do not know the disgusting thoughts and actions that are in some peoples minds and souls. It physically makes me sick thinking about it.

Bullying is not the answer. Sexual & Verbal Harassment is not the answer. Stand up and fight for your rights. Just because he is a celebrity doesn’t mean you should be treated like some backstage groupie. And if someone tries to put their hands on you without your consent, you have the right to knock the shit out of that asshole. Show them you are a strong woman and you don’t need shit from them.



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