Hells Blankets: Tiki Terror Pillow Case Set Review!


Hells Blankets: Tiki Terror Pillow Case Set

I was lucky enough to be part of Hells Blankets new promotion team and let me just tell you I am in love from the first item they sent me. The first item I was sent is the Tiki Terror Pillow Case Set which is hand designed by one of the Hells Blankets artists. The Pillow cases come two to a set and fit any standard sized pillow (75x50cm). The super intricate design is printed in “Bad Ass Beige” and is of very high thread count and is extremely soft and durable. 100% cotton and 300 thread count per each pillowcase.

I am extremely impressed with the quality of the pillowcases. Not only are they super soft but the design is incredible. I have never seen pillow cases that have such amazing print and is super durable. It matches perfectly with my all black bedding and adds a pinch of punk to any room. The Tiki design doesn’t feel rough compared to the rest of the fabric and feels as one seamless piece. These are some of the best quality pillowcases I have ever had and they are an amazing brand to have.

You can purchase your own Tiki Terror Pillowcases, along with many other amazing, one of a kind creation from Hells Blankets at www.hells-blankets.com

The Tiki Terror Pillowcases can be found at: http://www.hells-blankets.com/collections/artist-pillow-series/products/tikiterrorpillowset
for $29.95AUD which is about 27.68 USD

They carry a wide variety of styles from Punk to Rockabilly, Pin Up and Psycho, so it will fit anyone’s tastes and desires. They also carry items from Pillow cases, Blankets, Bed Sets, Quilt Sets, Cushions, Sleeping Masks, Shirts and much more.

Check out their site for more amazing creations and make your bedroom the coolest and most bad ass there is. Everyone will want to come hang out in your room and lounge on the amazing creations from Hells Blankets.


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