Fattie Chan Haul: Japanese Sweets





So my local 5 Below has these yummy Japanese sweets in their stores so I had to buy some while I was there. I have not tried many Japanese sweets except Pocky which is God-sent so I set out to try out these other delicious goodies.

Pocky: Of course I had to get my Pocky and these had almonds on them. SO DELICIOUS!!! 10/10

Chocorooms: I really liked these. The mix of dark and milk chocolate on the biscuit was a wonderful melt in your mouth flavor which led me to quickly devour the entire box 10/10

Hello Panda: I got two different ones of these and overall they were pretty good but not my favorite. I got Chocolate Creme Filled and Double Chocolate (which tasted like there was a bit of coffee flavor it it) Those were pretty good. I ended up giving the double chocolate ones to my dad later on in the day because he fell in love with them even more than I did. So I would have to give it an 8/10

So I was pretty happy with these lovely goodies. I will definitely buy the Chocorooms and Pocky again in a heartbeat.

I would love to know your favorite Japanese sweets and maybe you can recommend some to me as well.

Thanks for reading!


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