I am Grateful For…

So I saw on Jaackjacks blog that she did a post WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR and thought that its such a wonderful thing. Around the holidays we really realise what we are thankful for but we should be thankful all year round. Today I will share with you the things I am grateful for and if you want to create a blog post like this, send me the link in my comments and I would love to check out what you are thankful for.

  • I am thankful for my health: I used to not be a very healthy person and be sick all the time. Even though I am overweight my health has gotten better and better. I used to be sick a lot as a child and had many trips to the doctor and now I don’t need to go every other day.
  • My family. While we may be a tad crazy, I always know I have someone to have my back. Someone to talk to and someone to help me through tough times.
  • My ohana. Now you may not know what ohana means but if you ever watched Lilo and Stitch ohana means family. Now I know I mentioned family earlier but this family are not by blood but by a strong bond that is tighter than anything. My ohana Domy and Dion have been there for me through so much shit. So much drama. So many tears and have always reached out to help me. They are the only ones who have not used me for what I had or what I could do. They have been the ONLY friends I have had that have stuck by me through thick and thin and they are FAMILY.


  •  My subscribers. Yes I know its unsaid but my subscribers who have stuck by me through drama after drama are what keep me going. I make mistakes and say some things I shouldn’t but they still stick beside me. I would not have gotten this far without them. So thank you!
  • My wonderful girlfriend. We may have only been together a month but being with her is so wonderful. I can talk to her about anything and everything and she can instantly brighten my day. She is the first girlfriend I have been able to introduce to my family as my girlfriend and she has stuck by my side 100%
  • The hate. I know you are like what? But honestly If I had never received hate, I would not try to improve better at my skills, video content and more. I get regular hate on my pages on a daily basis but I don’t let it stop me. It gives me the determination to do better and work harder than before. So thank you to the ones who send me hateful messages, you have helped me even when you wanted to tear me down. Thank you!
  • Music. Music has helped me get through a lot. I can listen to music at 2am when everyone is asleep and I am instantly calmed and at peace. Music is a universal language that can heal the hearts of many and it has healed my heart, my soul and my mind
  • My wonderful friend Marauder. She has helped me open so many doors in the makeup industry and I am truly grateful. She has given me the courage to go outside my comfort zone and be as creative as I want to be. She has promoted my skills and techniques without having to ask and has helped me meet so many people in the industry and I thank her so much. I will be forever indebted to her.
  • Cosplay. Thanks to Cosplay, I have made some incredible friends and am able to be creative at the same time. I would not have met my ohana or my girlfriend. I love being able to become the character I am cosplaying and escape from the real world. I love being creative and figuring out new ways to do things and cosplaying has opened my eyes to so much and cosplay will always have a soft spot in my heart forever. I will be cosplaying till I’m dead in the ground.

And those are the things I am thankful for. It may be a short list but these things and people have been my rock and my saviors from self destruction or worse. I used to be a very closed, reserved and lonely person and without these things in my life, I KNOW I would not be here today. Whenever I’m down and feeling even the littlest hint of harming myself or worse; I think about how far i’ve come in a matter of a few years and I am instantly out of that funk.


I hope you all will do the same with me and write what you are thankful for and every time you feel down and out, just look back at your list and smile because you all are amazing and wonderful. You all are one of a kind and should be so happy and proud about that. You are beautiful/handsome. You are worth it, You are someones angel or rock. Thank you for being you. And I love you all!!




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