My 2017 Resolutions


Man its been a long time since I have posted on here and I’m so sorry. This past year as been full of ups and downs and some shit. I will go into detail later in this post but right now, lets talk about my resolutions for 2017!


2017 Resolutions:

  1. LOVE MYSELF: I have always hated who I was and it has taken its toll on me so this year I will love myself and my flaws.
  2. GET HEALTHY: It may seem contradictory to love myself but I really want to get to a healthy weight. I wont be skinny ever in my life and that’s OK. As long as I am healthy, I can do more and feel better about myself. I have lots of health problems and I would love to be able to lessen the effects of them with less weight. (another time for another blog)
  3. Drink more water and say goodbye to soda: I drink anywhere from 6-8 sodas a day so I am trying to kick it to 2 sodas a day max and then kick it all together. I want to drink more water as well and be more hydrated.
  4. DO MORE YOUTUBE VIDEOS: I feel as if I have been slacking on my channel and it blows. I want to create better content for you all at least twice a week. My mental health has been SHIT lately and I want to push past that and do more.
  5. POST MORE ON MY BLOG: I am going to write more on here and not leave you all hanging. I actually really like writing so I will challenge myself to write more!
  6. MAKE AT LEAST 10 COSPLAYS THIS YEAR: Some of you know I am a cosplayer and I want to be able to create 10 cosplays from scratch this year alone. I usually attend Atlanta cons such as Momocon and Anime Weekend Atlanta, so I hope to have my first 6-8 done by May 🙂
  7. FURTHER MY MUA CAREER: I want to further my Makeup Artist Career and hopefully do that full time.
  8. Draw more: I love drawing and creating art so I am going to challenge myself to make more art!

And those are my resolutions! Now for a 2016 recap!


Man was 2016 a roller coaster for me! There were good times and bad times and then some times that were eh. So lets break it down


I started working at Happy Statue Studio doing makeup for shoots weekly.

I got into modeling and embracing my beauty

I got more into my photography

I made some amazing new friends

Expanded my portfolio for both my MUA and Photography careers

Traveled outside of Georgia. did a road trip to New Hampshire for a convention.

Met some cosplayers I look up to such as Yaya Han, Misa on Wheels, and Athena’s Cosplay Wisdom.

I got to do makeup for an amazing artist Alan Z, for two of his music videos!

My ohana visited me and we went to AWA!


Got into an abusive relationship that destroyed me and caused me so many problems. (thankfully I left at the end of the year)

Politics happened……yeah. Enough said

I gained back most of the weight I had lost the previous months I was in a relationship.

The studio closed down. I was so upset but our landlord was an ass and sold the building out from under us.

Dealt with depression and anxiety from hell.

Diagnosed with Bi-Polar and PTSD. Also was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. JOY -_-

Found out I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

Had a terrible job at Burlington Coat Factory and was treated like complete shit. Seriously the shady stuff they did was very illegal!

Had a lot of family issues and was almost homeless at one point.


I came out to my parents as pansexual and genderfluid but they don’t really accept it but still love me. I’m not sure how to feel about it but at least I came out.

Planned on going to Japan this year but will have to postpone it for a while.


And that’s my recap! Well 2016 had its ups and downs but it was a rough year for me and I’m glad its over honestly.





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